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Eryck Laframboise is Back!

Now I knew this would happen, but let me just thank you guys and I’m sure Eryck would love to thank you too for makeing him #1 male model on the blog! He thanked me personally and I wanna send that greeting straight to you guys, the wonderful viewers.

I copped two more images of Eryck with him in a new campaign, so check them out and make sure you comment and Like!!

Here he is appearing on the runway for Marc Jacobs

And for Rad by Rad Hourani

Smile for the camera! 🙂

Now lets go way back to the beginning of where he started on my blog!

“Yesterday I was doing my usual internet fashion browsing and happened to find an article on this guy. From the looks of it now  he is a stunning new model with a great facial structure and body shape, definitely looking for great stuff from him.”

Born in Montreal, Canada, Eryck is a 18 year old model who stands at 6’2″ and was recently signed to the famous Red Models New York.  He was first discovered in school, when a girl approached him and said, “you should be a model, you’re so  sexy!”  this led to him being taken to her agency in Montreal, Dulcedo Model Management and him being booked on the spot. After this he had his first pro shoot with Saad Al-Hakkak.

Eryck enjoys food, music, sunshine, playing sports-especially football-and being with family and friends.

Here are some of his casting photos and some others from probably his first shoot.


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  1. i love his look. I was surprised to see him on the runway this season….people seem to like his look2

  2. This is his first successful season…he is a new face!

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