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Trend Report | Spikes and Studs

Lets get creative I say! 🙂 I recently found the use of Studs and Spikes on clothes amusing and creative….I wouldn’t take it to the extreme in order to look like a porcupine (haha) but I do find then to be cool and fashionable! In this post I’m gonna show you examples of Spikes and studs that are wearable on different apparel and accessories….Check it! 🙂


If you look closely above, you will see the spikes on the jacket, they aren’t bold and outrageous but they do make their mark.

Image 1 of Diesel Lahampos Studded Leather Jacket

Studded leather 🙂 Leather is in for the fall and so are studs.



Here is an example of a pair of sunglasses which are studded, I wasn’t really going out to find sunglasses but they definitely look good!


As a fashion enthusiast it’s probably mandatory to fall in love with all of Christin Louboutin’s shoes, with their high heels and red soles for the ladies and their classic style for the men shoes.

For the guys:


I wanted a pair of these Converse below but never found them..


And for the ladies:

They are all from CL and they are all smashing! 🙂



I didn’t really expect to find studded or spiked dresses but there is almost anything these days.

Here is Kim Kardashian rocking this Spiked number.


Spikes and studs are showing everywhere now, from the hottest runways to the downtown of New York. Ye ye we all know about the spiked bracelets and studded watches but the items above are definitely making a big statement in fashion.

That is it for our studs and spikes post which just finished after having it as a draft for weeks now 🙂 Thanks for viewing and keep it locked to La Mode! 🙂


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