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Burberry Prorsum | London Fashion Week

As I said to you guys before, this season since there are so much fashion weeks going on, including the just commenced Milan Fashion Week, I will just be posting the “highlights” of the shows. London Fashion week went quite quickly and is currently rapping up, but here I will be showing you a collection showcased at London Fashion Week which was showcased yesterday at 4PM. It was the Prorsum Collection by Burberry and of course it was incredibly fascinating!

This season Burberry took a further leap into their futuristic designs, using bright colors and captivating elements in order to bring their clothes to life. This collection definitely screamed its way loud down the runway and I am telling you, I have never been so excited about a collection this season, like I am for this…..I assure you if you look at every photo you will be blown away!!!! These pieces are Hot! 🙂

Check a few of my favorites!

And last out of a few of my favorites, This spiked piece…and yes, the model has off her shoes, probably a bit tired of heels for the whole night! 🙂 I’ve seen that many times before.

And now the AMAZING collection!


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