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Getting Personal During New York Fashion Week

Well, well, the face behind this blogs seems to be feeling the effects of “crunch” time. With so much happening, I feel like stress is building up and I need one good day that is going to take it all away.

I have never really discussed anything going on with me on my blog, but there is always a first. I think you guys are incredible, I have been getting tons a viewers and supporters hitting up my page and I am telling you how much I appreciate it.

I am starting University in a couple of weeks and sadly, I am still at square 1…..I am also involved with a whole lot of things associated with performing and the rehearsal are killing me :). Broadway is probably gonna  come my way soon and I need to be prepared for anything.

Blogging alone is stressful and that is why I am trying to take it slow, posting street post and slowly writing the big ones… Thank God that Jesus is just a prayer away and when I talk to him I feel satisfied and much better. I am also praying to God for the opportunity to head to New York just before school starts, so that I can grab my last-minute things.

On that note let me start on something a bit more “fashion” related…..New York Fashion Week:

In under less than three weeks, a swarm of fashionistas fitted with Louis V bags and rocking the famous red bottom Christian Louboutin Heels will make their way in the city of all cities, New York. This time however it won’t be at Bryant Park but its moving uptown to Lincoln Center and instead of hustling from one  tent to the next, some designer collections will be showcased in the hallowed halls of Avery Fisher Hall, the NY State Theater, and other Lincoln Center performance spaces.

To me, the move to Lincoln Center was well-thought out, resulting from the need to include more designer’s collections. From September 9-16, over 90 designers will present their Spring/Summer 2011 Collections at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts with additional presentations held in other venues throughout NYC.

Well for now folks that’s it from the mind of Dimitri, for now I am going to take it slow and keep praying. 🙂


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