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Copenhagen Fashion Week A/W 2010

Copenhagen Fashion Week was all full of fun and fashion, the five-day event which began Wednesday August 11th and ended Sunday August 15th, featured a large amount of Danish and Scandinavian designers. It was kicked of on Wednesday with a wonderful show of  “Tiny Pleasures.”

The fashion and color trends of the 2011 spring and summer collections, unveiled at the Fashion Week ,were all about “sharing” and “tiny pleasures,” the fair’s organizers said.

The show conveys the message that young adults in modern society seek to “construct a tender refuge to escape from the vagaries of the world,” the organizers said.

On Wednesday, the day opened with  the Press show and ended with a fashion show by Soulland at 11:00pm but the late start certainly did not deter the hundreds who packed the tent for the SS 2011 show.

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS2011: Soulland

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS2011: Soulland

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS2011: Soulland

Copenhagen Fashion Week SS2011: Soulland

Day 2 began with a fashion show from Designskolen Kolding and ended with Noir. Highlights for that day was the shows of Peter Jensen, Wood Wood and probably David Andersen.

Wood Wood

As always Wood Wood brought something fresh to the week of fashion, knowing their style, they definitely made a great impression at fashion week. Pieces became more avant-garde than all while retaining a sense of tailored silhouettes common in Northern European fashion, best exemplified in the much sought after dip-dyed shirts which are reproduced through collections.

Peter Jenson

The show was said to put all New Fashion shows to shame when the models began walking 50 minutes after the supposed start time. This delay was caused because they were awaiting the arrival of the Princess, yes an actual Princess, who was Denmark’s crowned  Princess Mary.

Peter’s pre-spring offered more of his signature “kooky” prints and vibrant colors, as well as new touches like metallic accessories and arms piled up with stand-out bracelets. If it’s any indication of what I’ll see for spring, I definitely can’t wait.

David Andersen

I actually did a video for you guys instead of the photos but let me just say that David Andersen did a great job in combining the architectural elements into  his clothing.

Day 3 was indeed a great day although it had the lesser amount of shows than the previous days, let me make it clear that all the showcases and collection were great, but I obviously can’t cover every single show. For this day let me pick  fashion brand SIMON RASMUSSEN. I am not a big fan of the designs, but they are definitely worth looking at. The designs of his first collection were somewhat creative and mind-blowing. To make them he used garbage, used and items and…..TEDDY BEARS 🙂


Check out this wonderful video, to see more teddy bears lol 🙂

Photos from:KateLovesMe

You just gotta love the fashion:). Well as the Copenhagen Fashion Week Came to an end, the biggest event of it all was “World’s Greatest Catwalk,” which was put on by Danish Supermodel Helena Christensen. It took place on Strøget, the main pedestrian street and it had over 100,000 spectators lined up along the ONE MILE LONG catwalk! They all lined up to catch a glimpse of the 220 models who strut their way down the catwalk wearing the designs of 500 Scandinavian designers, by the way all of the models were made-up by a group of over 100 make-up artist. The models, some of them amateurs picked off the street and a few carrying babies, walked a pink catwalk winding through the pedestrian shopping avenue Stroeget under a steady rain. At least three models took their stiletto heels off and completed the walk barefoot. 🙂


That’s it guys!



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