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Mercura NYC Sunglasses

I used to see people wearing sunglasses that looked so satorialistique and fashionistique (my words) :)and I would wonder, where did these people get these things from; well I found out a year ago.  Mercura Sunglasses have some of the craziest, hottest and dope designs I have ever seen, and as you will see soon, lots of celebs wear them too.

Well I got the opportunity to talk to the guys over at Mercura which is located in New York City at Chelsea Hotel & Chelsea Salon, Chelsea, New York, NY 10011 and I got some valued info.

Mercura Sunglasses is a collective of Merilee and Rachel making eye wear art, body art, paintings and sculptures and it was founded in 1976. They started at early childhood under the influence of their parents who were trained as visual artists, “we were taught to play art and jewelry with garden flowers draped as necklaces and wrapped around our ears and heads,” said the two.

They state that “Wearers of Mercura should be individualist who like to be unique and adventurous.” You can catch some of their pieces in many vogue magazine and on runway shows around the world, their style this year is unique expressive art for the eyes and body bridging art architecture and scale.

I now present Mercura NYC Sunglasses, over the top and what I call Real Fashion:

These above are my personal favorite and I am still awaiting my pair lol 🙂 . I haven’t really gotten the chance to get to their address as yet, that’s why.

Here are some celebs rocking their Mercura wear!

Avril Lavigne

Lady Gaga


Jason Derulo


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