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Wendell Lissimore : Model Profile

Previously I did a post on Baptiste Giabiconi, who is the number 1 male model in the world and also my favorite Caucasian male model. Now let’s make a switch  in races, as I present to you my previous favorite black male model, Mr. Wendell Lissmore.  Wendell was born April 20th 1987 in Des Moines, Iowa but drew up in Harlem, New York. Wendell is 23 at the moment and has been modeling for the 3 years. Wendell can be described as the “supermodel” or the “Tyson Beckford” of his generation, as he has reached heights that other ethnic models find it quite hard to reach. This includes doing runway and shoots for some of the top designers and magazines of our time. His career began at Red Model Management in New York City which also currently manages fellow models Salieu Jollah, Dominique Hollington and more. Wendell is also managed by Ford Models Paris and he says this is mostly because of his slim body figure, which most of the European clients prefer. A great achievement in his career was his jobs in China. Like an Olympic torchbearer, Wendell arrived in China as the sole representative for Stompfest at The Shanghai’s Fashion Week. Most of us in the fashion biz know the Asian fashion markets are notorious for excluding blacks and other ethnic models even including their fellow Asian models. This booking for Wendell may surprise some, but anyone who’s followed his career will remember his back-to-back campaigns for Basic House in Korea, which is a store like GAP in the USA.

Wendell continues to amaze me and just a few days ago I solidified the fact that Wendell will always be a favorite of mine in the industry no matter what. He may not be the biggest black model like David Agbodji, but he has definitely got the “it” factor. Check out his photos below.

Let me just enlighten you at this point that Wendell is the boyfriend of fellow supermodel and ‘featuree’ on my blog, Sessilee Lopez.


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