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Summer Trends Part 1/2

Previously I did a summer trends post which focused on simple trends which you would see this summer, here is a more in-depth post both for the guys and the gals.

I have been doing my summer shopping, and it is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Guys if you going to be doing some make sure these things are on your list.



Hot Pumps

These classic pumps are classy, stylish and still have that outstanding “fashionistique” factor.

Boat Shoe

Boat Shoes

I previously discussed these in the first trend post but that was a brief look. Let me just make a point that while observing fashion I have realized that many styles from earlier years are returning in these years now. These classic boats are a perfect example, they are both stylish and give the guys the “gent” look. Guys definitely put these on your list if you int got none… they are certainly on my list to get a black pair and a brown pair.

Cropped Top

These stylish tops are plain but their style is in every line they carry, they can be paired with virtually anything , so girls make sure you get’em.


This is a great addition to top off an outfit, I can be worn with a basic V-Neck, Jeans and a pair of Converse or Boat Shoes. Whether its hot out or not…its can be worn, either with sleeves up or down.

Drama Dress

A “stunner” dress

This dress is definitely a mix with casual and elegant fashion. Turn heads this summer with this dress which can be worn to a night party, lunch, breakfast, a walk through the city or even to the beach.

V-Neck Shirt

HE by Mango V-Neck T-Shirt

Now this may be something quite simple but it is definitely a Must-Have in any man’s wardrobe. A plain V-Neck can be combined with basically anything and can be worn anywhere.


Don’t really know if this is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobes but it is definitely a great summer trend. They make up apart of the casual European style and I like!!!


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