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Freedom 5 Clothing

New and fresh on the fashion scene  in the beautiful island of Barbados, Freedom 5. (Really love the name) I had the opportunity to talk to Akeem Bourne from Freedom 5.

Co-owned by a group of three people, Freedom 5 Clothing was in transition from 2007, but its inception has been developed in 2008. Freedom 5 Clothing is one of the many businesses under the umbrella of Freedom 5 and one of their main goals at Freedom 5 is to shake the fashion industry with their line. In shaking they don’t only mean to have clothes which are creative and which stand out, but to mainly help shift the the mindsets of the persons consumed in fashion.

They recognized millions of persons all over the world were so consumed in materialism, that they felt the call to be one of the catalysts that helped removed the “veils” from the eyes of unbelievers and bring them back to their savior Christ Jesus.

From what I’ve seen, Freedom 5 Clothing definitely has great clothes, and the shots below tell a story which was inspired by 2nd Corinthians 4:4.

Repent IV white


This message and theme is coming at me loud and clear, and oh yes I’m loving it….


Fashion…Fashion…Fashion, the clothes worn by this model are definitely superb and they are certainly apart of high end fashion.


Plaid shirts are definitely a trend this summer and Freedom 5 is no exception….these shirts are really nice.


Although fresh on the fashion radar, they are certainly coming in with a big bang, both in designs and in message…Great work Freedom 5, we will definitely be looking for more things from them.


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